Gigabyte VGA QUADRO P620 GDDR5 2GB 128-bit

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Gigabyte Quaddro P620 การ์ดจอซึ่งถูกออกแบบมาเพื่อรองรับงานด้านภาพยนต์ วีดีโอ การออกแบบยานยนต์ การออกแบบเชิงสถาปัตยกรรม อย่างเช่นการประมวลผลภาพสามมิติ การเรนเดอร์ภาพยนต์และวีดีโอต่างๆ
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Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA Quadro
GPU Quadro P620
Core Clock N/A
Boost Clock N/A
Stream Processors 512 Units
Memory Clock N/A
Memory Size 2 GB
Memory Interface 128-bit
Memory Type GDDR5
Interface PCIe 3.0 x16
OpenGL 4.5
Display Port 4x mini DisplayPort
CrossFireX SLI Support N/A
Cooler N/A
Dual Link DVI Support N/A
System Requirements N/A
Power Connector N/A
Warranty 3 Year

Gigabyte VGA QUADRO P620 GDDR5 2GB 128-bit

UNMATCHED POWER, UNMATCHED CREATIVE FREEDOM - Powerful Professional Graphics with Expansive 4K Visual Workspace

The NVIDIA Quadro P620 combines a 512 CUDA core Pascal GPU, large on-board memory and advanced display technologies to deliver amazing performance for a range of professional workflows. 2 GB of ultrafast GPU memory enables the creation of complex 2D and 3D models and a flexible single-slot, low-profile form factor makes it compatible with even the most space and power-constrained chassis. Support for four 4K displays (4096x2160 @ 60Hz) with HDR color gives you an expansive visual workspace to view your creations in stunning detail.

Quadro cards are certified with a broad range of sophisticated professional applications, tested by leading workstation manufacturers, and backed by a global team of support specialists, giving you the peace of mind to focus on doing your best work.

Whether you’re developing revolutionary products or telling spectacularly vivid visual stories, Quadro gives you the performance to do it brilliantly.

3D Graphics Architecture

  • Scalable geometry architecture
  • Hardware tessellation engine
  • NVIDIA®GigaThread™ engine with dual copy engines
  • Shader Model 5.1 (OpenGL 4.5 and DirectX 12)
  • Up to 32K x 32K texture and render processing
  • Transparent multisampling and super sampling
  • 16x angle independent anisotropic filtering
  • 32-bit per-component floating point texture filtering and blending
  • 64x full scene antialiasing (FSAA)
  • Decode acceleration for MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile, H.264, HEVC, MVC, VC1, DivX (version 3.11 and later), and Flash (10.1 and later)
  • Dedicated H.264 and HEVC Encoder1
  • Blu-ray dual-stream hardware acceleration (supporting HD picture-in-picture playback)
  • NVIDIA GPU Boost™ (automatically improves GPU engine throughput to maximize application performance)

NVIDIA CUDA Parallel Processing Architecture

  • SMM architecture (NVIDIA Pascal™ streaming multi-processor design that delivers greater processing and efficiency)
  • Dynamic Parallelism (GPU dynamically spawns new threads without going back to the CPU)
  • API support includes:
    CUDA C, CUDA C++, DirectCompute 5.0, OpenCL, Java, Python, and Fortran
  • Error correction codes (ECC) on graphics memory
  • 96 KB of RAM (dedicated shared memory per SM)

Advanced Display Features

  • Simultaneously drive up to four displays when connected natively or when using DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream2
  • Quad DisplayPort 1.2 outputs including Multi-Stream and HBR2 support2 (capable of supporting resolutions such as 4096x2160 @ 60Hz)
  • DisplayPort to VGA, DisplayPort to DVI (single-link and dual-link) and DisplayPort to HDMI cables available (resolution support based on dongle specifications)
  • DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI, and DVI support HDCP
  • 12-bit internal display pipeline (hardware support for 12-bit scanout on supported panels, applications and connection)
  • Stereoscopic 3D display support including NVIDIA®3D Vision™ technology, 3D DLP, Interleaved, and passive stereo
  • OpenGL and Direct3D quad buffered stereo support
  • Underscan/overscan compensation and hardware scaling
  • Support for NVIDIA®Quadro®Mosaic, NVIDIA®nView®multi-display technology, NVIDIA®Enterprise Management Tools

DisplayPort and HDMI Digital Audio

  • Support for the following audio modes:
    Dolby Digital (AC3), DTS 5.1, Multi-channel (7.1) LPCM, Dolby Digital Plus (DD+), and MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AAC
  • Data rates of 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 96 KHz, 176 KHz, and 192 KHz
  • Word sizes of 16-bit, 20-bit, and 24-bit
  • Mini-DisplayPort Latch mini-DisplayPort connector is designed with a custom retention mechanism to firmly secure its connection with the display cable.

    This feature requires implementation by software applications and is not a stand-alone utility. Please contact [email protected] for details on availability.

    * ข้อมูลเบื้องต้นมีไว้สำหรับอ้างอิงเท่านั้น GIGABYTE ขอสงวนสิทธิ์ในการปรับเปลี่ยนหรือแก้ไขเนื้อหาได้ตลอดเวลาโดยไม่ต้องแจ้งให้ทราบล่วงหน้า


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